Friday, February 7, 2014

Victorinox Swiss Army - Swiss Army Classic for Men (1996)

"use it in cold winter days, then, the cold snowy picture of the Alps in your mind will hit you on the face."

Is there any guy who doesn't like the brand Victorinox? We all love their useful pocket knives since from our childhood don't we all? And now, Victorinox hitting the market with its accessories including wristwatches and fragrances for the last 15-20 years. It may look quite a time, but when you think their history then this is quite recent. Anyway, there is no clear info on who actually produces the fragrances for the Vic, but they were made in collaboration with perfumers Harry Fremont, Fabrice Pellegrin and Jean-Pierre Bethouart according to Fragrantica. What we have is the Swiss Army Classic, brand's first fragrance launched in 1996. A woody aromatic but in a very fresh style.

Swiss Army Classic For Men's blend consist of:

top notes: bergamot, green notes, ginger, mint, yuzu
middle notes: edelweiss, lavander, geranium, rosemary, violet leaf
base notes: amber, balsam fir, musk, cedar wood, cypress
For the character, this fragrance is a close reminder of Davidoff's Cool Water, in terms of lightness, and freshness, not in scent. I'm sitting on the fence when it comes to a final decision about it. When I used it for the first time, I'd thought, "this can't be, what a nice, cooling fresh fragrance". But after then ongoing uses, I could never get that powerful opening again, but rather felt the genericness of the notes and disliked it. The blend wasn't on par with the scent. Now, I'm still indecisive. I wish they had worked on this more.

This could have been a great fragrance but it's wasted. When you first spray it on, it gives a very well blended, fresh and chilly scent reminding the cold Alps. Kinda like a more fresh and chilly Cool Water, makes you think "now THIS is the fragrance." A regular fresh, clean, icy but also masculine scent. For a short time this fresh and light scent keep going. Almost makes you feel the cold snow and the ice under your feet, and the sharp, clean, thin mountain air in your lungs. A wonderful experience. 
But sadly, this theme last a very short time, like a few minutes. And then comes an average scent makes you go "meh." And what's even worse it's one of the worst fragrances when it comes to longevity. Kinda like a "I sprayed and it faded in half hour" scent. If they have made this more concentrated with better ingredients, and keep that opening phase as the main character of the scent, this could have been one of the best male fragrances ever, I can easily say.

In summary, after reading this it won't look good I know, but I still suggest you to try it at least with a small sample. Deserves it. Good scent, badly performed blend. And more importantly, if you'll use it, rather than using it on summer as everybody seems to suggest, use it in cold winter days, then, the cold snowy picture of the Alps in your mind will hit you on the face. 
Silage is average, longevity is quite bad. Fades so fast, so you'll need to refresh it a few times in a day. I'd suggest this to users between 16-35 with no red lines. It can suit casual or formal situations, indoors and outdoors. I suggest using it cold outdoors. Mostly in fall or winter. But you can use it any season in the year as its very light and fresh.

Olfactory group: Woody Aromatic
Scent: good 7/10
Silage: average 5/10
Longevity: very bad 2/10
Quality feel: average 5/10
Recommended: No for long term, but maybe yes for a try.

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